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What can cause a Load Slipping (ANF) fault on an ATV340 series drive?

Published date: 11 February 2019

ATV340 drive shuts down with ANF Load Slipping Fault

Product Line:
ATV340 series.

In applications using an encoder.

The difference between the output frequency and the speed feedback is not correct.

Confirm the drive rating according to the application (motor, load, and so on.)
Verify the motor, gain, and stability parameters.
Add a braking resistor.
Verify the mechanical coupling and wiring of the encoder.

If the torque control function is used and if the encoder is assigned to speed feedback:
Set [Load slip detection] Sdd = [No] no.
Set both [Positive deadband] dbp and [Negative deadband] dbn to a value less than 10% of the nominal motor frequency.

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