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What do I get the "No license available for 'SoMachine Logic Builder ETEST' ' message?

Published date: 19 February 2019

Starting with SoMachine 4.3 a 42 days trial period is included for the ETEST library. Afterwards, each computer using the ETEST library requires a license and a "No license available for 'SoMachine Logic Builder ETEST' ' message will appear. All the functionality of SoMachine will still be available without this license of this rarely used library.

There are three options:
1. Ignore the message by selecting "Do not load the plug-ins and continue".
2. Uninstall the ETEST library so you do not get the message anymore. To do that open Schneider-Electric Configuration Manager, select Customize Version, uncheck ETEST and then hit Apply Now. The library can be installed back at any time if you still have the installation files.
3. Purchase and authorize a ETEST library. The part number for the library is SOMETTCZZSPMZZ

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