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Does ION Setup have a session timeout?

Published date: 12 March 2019

Does ION Setup have a session timeout?

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ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup - Session Timeout

Looking to see if you connect to a meter via ION Setup, then walk away, how long do u have till a session timeout in ION Setup?

ION Setup does not have a session timeout, it is indefinite. ION Setup doesn't use a session model and isn't meant to be left unattended and will only ask for credentials when needed.

If looking to be connected to meters for an extended period of time, as few suggestions to help protect against changes to the meters are:
  • To use Advanced Security on the meter and have a ReadOnly user to protect against user's being able to make changes to the setup
  • To use the Single Device Mode, for ION meters, so once they are finished it will ask if they want to connect to another device
  • If it is a shared PC, the windows auto-lock feature can be an option

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