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What can cause an INF3 [Internal error 3] on an ATV340 series drive and how do I correct it.

Published date: 01 March 2019

Customer is experiencing an INF3 [Internal Error 3]] fault on an ATV340 series drive.

Product line:


Internal communication detected error.

 Verify the wiring on drive control terminals (internal 10 V supply for analog inputs overloaded).
 Contact your local Schneider Electric representative.
Remove any wires connected to the +10V terminal of the drive and cycle power.   If the fault returns then contact you local Schneider Electric representative.
If the problem does not return, measure the DC voltage from the +10 terminal to the 0V terminal.  If it is below 10.0VDC, contact your local Schneider Electric representative.
If the voltage is 10.0VDC or higher, check the wiring that was connected to the +10 terminal for shorts or leakage to ground.  This fault indicates that the +10V power supply inside the drive is being overloaded.


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