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Is it possible to turn PID regulation on or off when motor is running?

Published date: 15 March 2019

YEs, it is possible using PID auto/manual assignment (PAU) and with defining PID manual reference channel (PIM). Manual reference can even be assigned to the same input as PID reference. But bear in mind that the same variable in PID mode represents value of PID setpoint, while in manual mode it will represents speed reference in Hz. Switching from auto to manual and opossite is possible while motor is running.

FR1=AI1 (PID reference)
Feedback = AI2
Auto/manual assignment PAU=DI3
Manual refrence PIM=AI1

DI3=0 means PID mode is active. AI1 represents PID reference (range PIP1 - PIP2)
DI3=1 means that manual mode is active. AI1 represents Speed reference (range LSP - HSP)


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