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How do I adjust the acceleration and deceleration rate of Lexium 28 when controlled via CANopen?

Published date: 19 March 2019

When writing a PLC program to control Lexium 28 via CAN you will notice that the function blocks for position movements do not include an input for acceleration and deceleration, leading to the question of how to adjust these values.

The LXM28 library does not include a function block specifically for writing to the "ramp profiles".

If the ramps only need to be written once then you can modify the default values which are written in the "ServiceDataObject" at 6083 and 6084.  
The default values are written at 4266666667, which likely result in very stiff movements.

You may also optional map these items to the empty RPD, for example, mapping 6083 and 6084 to RPD04 or change the mapping of RPD02 or RPD03.

The recommended and most commoly used method is to write to these two parameters via SDO using the MC_WriteParemeter FB.

See attachment example.


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