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How to use the Link Manager V8.3 of Ecostruxure Secure Connect Advisor?

Published date: 27 March 2019

The objective of this document is to provide a step by step user tutorial to connect to a remote Device from the Ecostruxure Secure Connect LinkManager Version 8.3

To be ready for this tutorial, you will need: - A Customer Domain on GateManager (in this case Company-C) - A Basic Administrator account (in this case Brian Smith) - A remote device already configured with SiteManager Embedded  - A LinkManager License - A SiteManager License with X agents, attached to the remote HMI.

1 Connection to your GateManager
- Go to LinkManager web page, i.e: - Authenticate yourself with your certificate and password.

- After authentication, a similar screen should appear:

In this screen, you can notice the following information:
1- A LinkManager User (Brian Smith) is connected 
2- Brian Smith belong to the domain “Company-C”.
3- A device called “HMIG3U” is configured in this domain with a SiteManager.
4- The LinkManager interface is off.

2 LinkManager installation
In order to start the LinkManager, click on the below icon

You will be redirected to this window, click on “Start LinkManager”.

On first usage, the GateManager will not find the LinkManageron your laptop, the fallowing screen will appear:

Click on “Install/Update LinkManager” then a new window will appear with a link to download.

Download and run the LinkManager installer

Note: Once installed, the LinkManager software can be uninstalled through "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features" the same way other programs would be.
Close the windows, come back to the previous screen and click on “Start LinkManager”

A popup like this should appear:

Then approve that this account can use the LinkManager Client

The LinkManager status should pass by Detecting to Ready

Your LinkManager is now started and ready to be used.

2.1 Additional Considerations: Web Proxy
Note: If after all those steps, the LinkManager is still unable to be in “Ready” state, Click on this icon: 
This window will appear, click on “Use Proxy”

And enter your Proxy settings then “Add & Go”

The LinkManager will be ready after those settings applied.

3 Connection to a Device
 Now you are able to connect remotely to your device:
1. Click on the device and select the agent
2. Click on Connect

Once connected, some information will appear about your connection as latency, bandwidth, heartbeat, uptime etc..

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