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Where to find the application running on an HMI installed on a machine manufactured by an OEM?

Published date: 26 July 2019

HMI needs to be replaced and the new unit has no program. Looking for the program installed on the HMI that is part of a machine that is currently down.

Product Line:
Magelis HMI (all models)

When replacing a Schneider Electric Magelis HMI that was installed in a machine that was built by a 3rd Party OEM manufacturer, please ensure you contact the 3rd Party first for any support requests. You should confirm if they are able to send you a new HMI, or at least the application that was previously used to program the unit. Simply purchasing a new HMI from Schneider Electric directly will not solve the issue. The HMI's from Schneider Electric do not come pre-programmed with the application your machine builder has installed.

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