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The Magelis HMIPUH9D2P01 Panel PC Universal 19in DC iPC is no longer in production. What is its replacement?

Published date: 29 March 2019

The Magelis  HMIPUH9D2P01 Panel PC Universal 19" DC iPC is no longer in production. What is its replacement?

Product Line
Magelis Panel PC Universal iPC

Physical HMI

There is no direct replacement of the HMIPUH9D2P01 that fits the original screen cutout for an enclosure. The original offer was a 4:3 aspect ratio 19" screen. All current screen size offers are of the 16:9 ratio.

The recommended CPU/Motherboard back module is:
HMIBMUHI29D4801 Modular Box PC Universal:

The recommended screens similar to the original are:
HMIDM9521 19" Wide Touchscreen
HMIDMA521 22" Wide Touchscreen

Mounting differences:
The original cutout of the HMIBMUHI29D4801 was: 18.09" x 14.15"
The Wide 19" HMIDM9521 is: 18.87" x 11.82"
The Wide 22" HMIDMA521 is: 21.66" x 13.45"

So a smaller bezel may need to be welded/fastened to the enclosure.

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