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How does the GAVD0110 auxiliary contact work?

Published date: 20 March 2020

Function of a GAVD0110 auxiliary contact.

Product line:
Tesys GV manual starters

Auxiliary contacts

Contacts do not appear to be working properly.

The GVAD** can only be installed on left side of product and the GV2 must be in OFF position when mounting.
The GVAD0110 has 2 different contacts
One is fault signaling contact (terminals 95/96) NC contact and the second is only standard auxiliary NO contact (terminals 53/54 ).
Fault signaling defect contact should be always in close position excepted when there is fault on GV2 ( short circuit or overload ) at this time contact open.
This fault signaling defect contact is not related to ON/OFF position of GV2’s but to reset back to NC the device must be switched back to the ON position. 
Auxiliary contact report the ON/OFF position of GV2’s.
This Auxiliary NO contact is on Open when GV2 is on OFF position and close when GV2 is ON position.

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