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What are the benefits of using chat for technical support?

Published date: 05 April 2019

What are the benefits of using chat for technical support?

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Technical Support Chats

Our teams handling chat are staffed with our most tenured engineers and customer service professionals that have the training to handle your inquiries without delay.  These experts are accustomed to finding and providing you an answer quickly and correctly, the first time you contact us!
Phone calls and emails often involve longer handling times than chat for several reasons:
Emails can take precious time for an expert to respond, whereas chat interactions are real-time.  With the complexity that businesses face today, emails are occasionally misrouted and require multiple teams’ involvement to get back on course; this adds to the time required for an answer to be provided or an issue resolved.  By the way, there’s no need to remember multiple support email addresses with chat!
The wait times for chat support are just plain faster than a phone call due to the efficiencies introduced by the technology.  Despite our best efforts, every detail of a phone call isn’t always logged for an agent to refer to a previous conversation; chat transcripts are always kept on file and a case is created automatically.  Chat has the capability to instantly share content such as drawings or manuals while phone calls require an additional email should anything need to be shared.  Our chat options are built to be smart and are more intuitive to navigate than the phone menu!
As you can probably tell, chat is a more practical option in nearly every scenario.
To access live chat visit one of the following links for APC or SE products, respectively: and click the “Chat with Tech Support Agent” button. and click the “Chat with Us” button.
Watch this video and share it with your colleagues to learn about how our teams handle chat priority:


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