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Why can I ping my M580 but can not connect with Unity or HMI?

Loaded a new M580 application to the CPU and can ping the Ip address but can not connect.

Product line
Unity, Control Expert, M580

By default, Security is enforced in a new project and all Ethernet services are turned off (Disabled) and Access Control is turned on (Enabled) limiting communications to only (meaning that your programming PC must be .

Double clicking on the Ethernet port as shown below will bring up the window in the subsequent screen capture.

Unlocking security as shown below will enable all services and disable Access Control allowing any LAN address to communicate to the M580. It is also important to note that Port 502 access is required for connection but not to ping. Make sure that any switch or router on the network allows Port 502 access. Try using a direct connection for testing this.

If you have already loaded a program and cannot connect at all, power down the processor and temporarily move it one slot to the right from slot 0 to slot one. In this position everything will be reset and you should be able to connect and load a new program to it. It will report that it is still not configured when you transfer a program to it while in slot 1, but simply power down after the transfer, move to slot 0 and power up. It will come up with the program that was transferred while in slot one.

If you want to use Ethernet instead of USB when in slot 1, you can use the default Ip address. The default Ip Address of the M580 is 10.10.x.x. The x.x is the last two octects of the MAC Address converted from Hexadecimal to Decimal. For Example for a MAC address of 00.80.F4.17.AC.6A the default Ip is

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