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Why don't I see my M580 firmware version as a selection in Unity?

Published date: 28 May 2019

While creating a new project or altering an existing one, the actual firmware running in my M580 is not a choice in Unity or Control Expert.
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Unity Pro, Control Expert, M580

Firmware versions are normally not added to Unity Pro if they are strictly released for fixes/enhancements and no new selections are added. 

For the Standard controllers, v2.60, v2.50, v2.41, v2.30, v2.13, v2.12, v2.01, v1.13 and v1.04 were not added to Unity Pro. 
If you were to have a CPU with firmware v2.50 and you did not wish to upgrade it, you can select firmware 2.40 (or lesser) to transfer to the CPU.


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