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Is it possible to active many homing MFBs at the same time, on differents lexiums connected on Can-Open?

Published date: 04 June 2019

Some customers observed strange behavior of their Lexium when they proceed many Homing MFB at the same time.

Product line
M340, M580, Can-Open, MFB Homing, Lexium

All versions of UnityPro.

Lexium drives are comonly piloting by BMXP342010 CPU or BMECXM0100 Can Master.
Whatever the Can-Open master, We don't recommend to arm many Homing MFB at the same time on different Lexiums or drives.
This recommendation is due to the fact that each Homing MFB, when they are processed by the PLC,  can active, in background, one or many explicite messagings  (Write-SDO) per slave. So if the PLC processes many Homing at the same time, the communication bandwidth of the Can-Open master can be reach and the customer system can be face to some troubles.
The best practice consists to realize one Homing function at a time, by surveying the status of the MFB output "done". => Start an other homing when the prevent's is done. 

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