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Modbus_RTU communication types of code

Published date: 25 June 2019

Modbus Protocol
  • Modbus is a standard protocol with the following properties:
  • Establishes client/server communication between different modules within a bus or serial link.
  • The client is identified by the master and the slave modules represent the servers.
  • Is based on a mode of data exchange composed of requests and responses offering services via different function codes.
Establishes a means of exchanging frames from Modbus-type applications in two types of code:
  • RTU mode
  • ASCII mode
 RTU mode:
The characters are coded over 8 bits.
The end of the frame is detected when there is a silence of at least 3.5 characters.
The integrity of the frame is checked using a word known as the CRC checksum, which is contained within the frame
RTU is the abbreviation of Remote Terminal Unit. In RTU mode, data is sent as two four-bit, hexadecimal characters, providing for higher throughput than in ASCII mode for the same baud rate. Modbus RTU is a binary protocol and more time delay critical than the ASCII protocol.

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