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M241/251 - Ethernet IP : How to communicate with a device that doesn’t support explicit messaging?

Published date: 24 June 2019

The M241/251 controller starts the Ethernet IP communication by sending explicit messages ( Electronic Keying: Device Type, Vendor Code, Product Code…)
but some third party devices don’t support explicit messaging and it causes a communication issue.

To be able to start the communication between the M241/251 controller and the 3rd party device, we first have to disable the Remote Adpater with the following program:
DeviceName_RemoteAdapter.DisableRemoteAdapter := TRUE;    // FB_RemoteAdapter

And then start the connection by using the EipControl function:
EIPSC.EipControl(i_uiConnId :=  , i_uiControl:=  );

See attached sample project (created with SoMachine V4.3).

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