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How does Energy and Power work in TeSys Island? (including accuracy)

Published date: 01 July 2019

How is energy and power monitoring added to TeSys Island? 

Product Line: 
Tesys Island

Digital multifunctional load management solution 
Power measurement works by enabling "Load Energy Monitoring" in the My Avatar section of the DTM configuration tool. Enabling this for at least one Avatar on your island will add a Voltage Interface Module (VIM) to your Bill of Materials. The user must then wire their three phase or single phase power to the VIM inputs and also use that same power source to supply their loads through the Starters or PIMs on TeSys island. The VIM shares the voltage data with the rest of the devices, which calculate Active and Reactive power per load. Power over time (Energy) is also calculated for each load and at the system level on aggregate. Power and Energy also work for single-phase loads, if they are connected to Phase A and Phase C. Power and Energy for Phase-Neutral wiring configurations is not possible.

  • Note: In all conditions, Power and Energy measurement is accurate to within 10% of the true value.

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