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PME9.0 - Installer fails to create ION user in SQL or the Windows user

Published date: 03 July 2019

If during the installation the passwords given to create Windows Account, ION or SQL do not meet the password complexity of the server,  the installer will fail to create the ION user in SQL or the Windows user in Windows. Currently PME installer does not check this complexity. 

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

PME Installer

There is no easy way to validate the password ahead of time (IE at the point where they are entering their new password). Reasons: Policy may reside on the AD server or locally. Policy may or may not apply to SQL log ins. May run afoul of password history constraints

Entering weak password (s) during installation
  1. Installer will fail multiple time during the configuration stage. You need to keep going and skip the failed steps. Do not exit the installer until it completes.
  2. Run the password reset workflow and enter strong passwords.
  3. Run reconfiguration and your system should be healthy.

Entering weak password(s) during password reset workflow.
  1. Installer will fail during reset action.
  2. Re-run the reset workflow and enter strong password(s).


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