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PME 9.0 - Cannot deactivate alarms in Management Console if logged in as a non-admin domain Windows users

Published date: 15 November 2019

Try to use Management Console's "Deactivate Alarms" feature, as a non-admin user, to deactivate one or more of those active alarms and the following error will appear:

"an unexpected condition was encountered while initializing the AlarmInactivator: Write to Primary data queue failed.."

Product Line

Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

Management Console -  "Deactivate Alarm" feature

PME's MQ setup uses the "Everyone" bucket for permissions and permissions set for the "Everyone" group DO NOT APPLY to domain users by default.


Resolution 1:
Run Management Console "As Administrator" (i.e. the right-click menu in Windows).

Resolution 2:
1. Log in as administrator of the server
2. Open the Windows Start menu and search "Computer Management"
3. Open Computer Management then expand Services and Applications > Message Queues
4. Check permissions for all of the private queues by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Properties > Security
  • List of private queues to check:
    • cloudagent_control
    • cloudagent_data
    • logsubsystemprimaryrouter_control
    • logsubsystemprimaryrouter_data
    • logsubsystemsecondaryrouter_control
    • logsubsystemsecondaryrouter_data
  • Make sure each of the queues listed above have the following permissions:
    • "Everyone" group has access to allow:
      • Get Properties
      • Get Permissions
      • Send Message
    • "Administrators" group should have full access to the queue
    • "ANONYMOUS LOGON" Group should only have access to:
      • Send Message
5. If the issue persists (and using Windows domain account), add the domain group to the security tab and allow permissions to:
  • Get Properties
  • Get Permissions
  • Send Message
6. Restart "Message Queuing" service in Services

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