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PME 8.X, 9.0 - "ION_Data database almost full" misleading warning using SQL Express

Published date: 03 July 2019

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x, 9.0 using SQL Express version

System Event Log - SQL warnings

Even though the .mdf file is considerably less than the 10 GB limit PME will still generate the warning messages if the total for the .mdf and .ldf files is over 10 GB.

The root cause is that PME is doing a simple query of the database that only returns the total combined size.  This is useful for some purposes but it can be wildly inaccurate when determining if the database is about to be filled to the extent that further device log downloads will be suspended.
Doing "EXEC sp_helpdb N'ION_Data'will give the totals for each log file and thus make the warning accurate.  
Alternatively the sproc below may give the space used and unallocated (ie. free) by the data section in the .mdf.  
EXEC sp_spaceused


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