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Is it possible to disable motor running via logic input if the motor is controlled via logic input or integrated HMI?

Published date: 15 July 2019

There is a function "run permissive", that can be assigned it to logic input. 
By default run permissive function is always activated due to always active parameter F110 that is assigned to 1 (run permissive) by default. 
If you set F110=0 then run permissive will not be automatically active, and so you can use this function 1 by assigning it to any logic input. 
For example F113=1 means that if logic input R is low, the run is not permissive and you will not be able to run motor via logic input assigned to forward, (e.g. F111=2) or reverse. 
However this run permissive signal works only if ATV control is done via logic inputs via integrated HMI. 
In remote control over network, the run permissive signal is not taken into account so logic input assigned to function 1 will not disable running.

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