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What is the current state 0 guaranteed for BMXDDI3202K?

Published date: 18 July 2019

The datasheet of BMXDDI3202K and the Control Expert v14.0 do not have the same value for the current state 0 guaranteed for this module. This FAQ shows the right value to be used by the customer while doing specification of devices to be connected on this module. 

Product Line
Control Expert, BMXDDI3202K  

Control Expert v14.0, BMEP584040, BMXDDI3202K

The IEC61131-2  standard  defined the IEC Type and this standard is used by Schneider Electric's PLC products. The BMXDDI3202K is compliance with IEC61131-2 Type 1 and the current at state 0 is < 0.5mA as described on the documentation of Control Expert v14.0.

P.S.: Schneider Electric is currently updating all the documentations of this module with the right information.

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