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What does Unity Error - "The configuration Catalog is not compatible with the current application:" mean?

Published date: 17 July 2019

The following error appeared (could be a different CPU or version number):

Some objects are missing or their version is incompatible. : The Required CPU reference: < BMEP584040 02.40 > is MISSING!

Product line
Unity Pro

This means that the project was created with a newer version of Unity than what is trying to open it and BMEP584040 v2.40 does not exist in the version that is being used.  In this specific example, v12.0 is returning the error because it's M580 CPU version selections will only go as high as v2.30. 

The project must be opened using the version that created it (or a newer one) and the CPU reference changed from BMEP584040 2.40 to BMEP584040 2.30.  This is followed by another export or archiving of the file. Unity v12.0, in this example, would be able to open the new file without seeing this specific error.

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