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How to set critical alarms to be audible while others are silent in ClearSCADA

Published date: 24 July 2019

Sometimes it is required to see and log all alarms occurring in the SCADA system. However, not all of them are needed to generate a sound. Only High urgent alarms are required to be audible.
This option could be used via the severity configuration and assigning different sounds (.wav files only) for different severities.
Hence, you may record a silence sound inside any .wav file for a certain severity level. For our example here, we will set a silent .wav file for severities Low, Medium and High (.wav audio model is attached here) while having any audible .wav sound in critical severity line.

Model figure

The steps in brief will be as following:
1-  In server configuration set paths for your .wav files as described above
2-  From file Menu Apply changes you’ve done and close the server config window
3-  Shutdown CS Server and start it again
4-   Configure any internal analog point, for example as following image

Model figure

5- Using Hand control feature verify that alarms that have critical severity will sound while others will not.


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