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If I power a motor with an over-sized drive, will it dissipate less heat?

Published date: 23 July 2019

Customer has a type 7 closed system enclosure with a 1/2HP drive and 1/2 HP motor connected.  They are having issues keeping the system cool and the drive is shutting down with Over-heating fault.  They want to increase to a 2HP drive with the same motor/load attached.

Product Line:
All Altivar drives.

Drive is used in a sealed enclosure without external ventilation.

Customer needs a method to cool the drive more efficiently to prevent overheating faults.

Powering the motor with a higher horsepower rated drive in a sealed enclosure will not produce less heat, it will produce more.

Each drive requires a certain amount of power to operate.  Larger drives require more power.  The load on the motor will dictate how much power is required to operate the motor.    With nothing changing other than the size of the drive, the motor will still require the same power to operate. However, the larger drive will require more power to operate its internal circuitry.  The net power used will be more due to the larger drive requiring more power to operate.  The end result will me more heat generated, not less,

To reduce the heat in a sealed enclosure it will be necessary to provide additional active or passive external cooling to the enclosure.  Decreasing the switching frequency of the drive can also help.  Note that when the switching frequency of the drive is lowered, the sound the drive makes while running will change.  This can sometimes be loud.  It will not interfere with the operation of the drive but in quieter environments it can become annoying.


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