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Costumer want to make CanOpen cables by himself. Is it possible to make daisy chain cables with all 8 wires connected on RJ45 ports?

Published date: 23 July 2019

ATV320 front RJ45 connector provides VP supply 10V for RS232 convertor or remote HMI terminal. VP is not on VW3A3608 card.
So daisy chaining VW3A3608 cards means that even if you use 8-wire cable, only 3 pins (CANH, CANL and GND) are interconnecting VW3A3608 cdards.

Daisy chain using VW3A3608 cards where only the last ATV320 will be without canopen card is possible, so last daisy chain cable will go from VW3A3608 (n-1 drive) to ATV320 RJ45 (n drive). This is possible with 8-wire cable because VP from n drive will end at the RJ45 of VW3A3608 (n-1 drive).
Do not connect two ATV320 front RJ45 ports together using 8-wire cable. The VP from one ATV320 must not be connect to VP of another ATV320.

TO sup up, daisy chaining between 2x VW3A3608 using 8-wire cable is possible.
daisy chaining between VW3A3608 and ATV320 front RJ45 using 8-wire cable is possible.
daisy chaining between 2 x ATV320 front RJ45 is not allowed.

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