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Why do I get the error "load torque too high" when I try to autotune a Lexium 32 servo drive

Published date: 25 July 2019

When attempting to auto-tune lexium 32 servo drives there may be instances in whihc the error "load toque too high" occurs.

The first step is to verify that the motor and drive combination are properly sized to meet the requirement of the application.
If the load is greater than the amount of torque than the motor is capable of moving, then it stands to reason that the drive cannot reliably move the load and the load torque too high error will occur.

If the motor and drive are properly sized for the application then in many cases the load torque too high error is caused by the drive scaling values being modified greatly.
Drive sclaing influences speed and distance of motor motion.
Therefore when the auto-tune function tries to move the motor for determining motor load the motor may try to move too far or too fast due to the scaling factors used.
It is in these instances in which the error load torque too high are triggered.

The way to resolove this issue is to return the drive scaling back to factory defaults.
After returing the scaling back to factory defaults you should be able to successfully perform an auto-tune.
After successfully completing the auto-tune you may then change your drive scaling back to your preferred values.


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