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How can I program an ATV320 series drive to ignore a fault of the Modbus RTU network?

Published date: 07 August 2019

Customer uses modbus Rtu to write the speed reference to their ATV320 drive.  Their run command is issued via the terminals.    Currently, if the modbus network experiences a communication loss or other fault, the drive is stopped.  The customer wants the drive to continue running in the event of a loss of Modbus communication.   They have limit switches on their system that will remove power from the drive as a backup if the carriage moves too far in one direction.

Product line:
ATV320 series.

Environment : 
All situations where Modbus RTU is used to send commands to the drive.

Inconsistent behavior between the ATV312 and ATV320.  On the ATV312 this could be achieved by writing bit 14 of the CMI word (8504) to 1.  This would need to be written every time power is applied to the drive.   This function does not behave the same with the ATV320 series.


Under the Fault Management menu (Flt), submenu Com. Fault Management (CLL-)  Find parameter SLL and change it to Ignore (No).  This will prevent the drive from shutting down in the event of a fault detected with the Modbus RTU communication.


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