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What is the parameter F207 on the ATV212 drive?

Published date: 22 October 2019

What is the parameter F207 being used on the ATV212 drive?

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All serial numbers, all model numbers


Parameter F207 or remote speed reference 2 defines the remote mode secondary speed reference source.  The setting of parameter F200 or Auto/man speed reference determines whether this source is used for the speed reference.  The selection of speed reference in parameter F207 is below:
1 for VIA
2 for VIB
4 Communication
5 +/- Speed

If F200 is set to 0 a logic input terminal set to function 38 determines if F207 or remote speed reference identifies the speed reference source.
If F200 is set to 1, F207 or remote speed reference 2 is the speed reference source when the drive's output frequency is 1Hz or below.

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