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How to diagnostic problem with option card inserted to ATV drive?

Published date: 09 September 2019

1. HW check
- Check if option card is inserted in ATV drive properly. For exaple line marked on VW3A3607 profibus option card has to be aligned with ATV320 edge.
- Look inside the ATV slot for option card whether all pins are ON and none of the is bent. Use ligth to look into the ATV slot 

2. SW compatibility
- check if the fw of option card and fw of the drive are compatible. For example VW3A3607 profibus card can go with ATV320 if profibus card has fw 1.12 IE01 (1.CIE01) or newer.

3. Identification
- Check the identification menu or connect via somove to see whether the option card is identified by the drive (reference and version).

4. Configuration
- For some of the cards, e.g. profinet, it is necessary to configure communication menu (address,...) to avoid communication fault on ATV

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