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What are the ION9000 FTP file structure and permissions?

Published date: 12 September 2019

User needs to know the FTP file structure and permissions of ION9000.

Product Line 

FTP file structure and permissions of ION9000 are required. 

COMTRADE: COMTRADE files can be read from these folders, but cannot be deleted nor files can be added to these folders.
IEC61850: IEC 61850 configuration (CID) file can be added to this folder to activate the IEC 61850 protocol functions of the meter.
optionModuleUpg and rmdUpg: Firmware update files can be loaded for the meter’s remote display or option modules into these folders.
documents: this folder is intended for user storage. Any type of files can be read, written, deleted in this folder.
web: This folder is where the meter’s default webpages are stored and where custom webpages can be added to the meter by copying them into the appropriate subfolders.

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