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M580 Safety PAC and Ecostruxure Control Expert V14.0, loss of EFB/DFB initial values.

Published date: 22 October 2019

 To read carefully before integration of a M580 Safety PAC.

To program your functional safety applications,
  • use Control Expert V14.0 + ControlExpert_V140_HF1 + ControlExpert_V140_HF2
  • or use a version of Control Expert greater than V14.0.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage

In Control Expert V14.0, the internal variables initial values of the function blocks (EFB or DFB) in M580 Safety application
(in safety or non-safety application sections) can be lost in the following use cases :
  • Open a STA file, do a “Rebuild all project”.
  • Open a STA file, do modifications inside a DFB and do a “Build Changes”.
  • Upload an application from a M580 Safety controller, do a “Rebuild all project”.
  • Upload an application from a M580 Safety controller and do modifications inside a DFB and do a “Build Changes”.
After these use cases the application is incorrect.

This issue is fixed in ControlExpert_V140_HF2 and in Control Expert versions greater than V14.0.
if such a use case has been faced, in order to recover from a potential corruption, follow the attached procedure.

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