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Does OFS require Unity to be installed in order to use an STU file?

Published date: 25 September 2019

After linking OFS to an STU file, the variables do not come in. 

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Control Expert, Unity Pro, OPC, OFS

Unity or CE does need to reside on the PC that has the STU file, even if the PC with the STU file is remote to the OFS server. 

In the absence of the programming software, the XVM file, which must be generated by exporting the variables using CE/Unity from within the project can be used.
  • You simply right click on the variable(s) and export from the Data Editor.
  • You can export the entire variable library to XVM by right clicking in the Project Browser on Variables and FB instances (all inclusive).
  • You can export individually all of the Elementary Variables / any of the variables, by right clicking on the respective heading and exporting.

There is also an option to enable Data Dictionary in the project and use no files at all.
To Enable Data Dictionary in the Unity/CE Project go to:
  • Tools->Project Settings->General->PLC embedded data and turn on Data Dictionary.
This will require a full build and transfer to the PLC.

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