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Do ATV630..N4 drives sizes U07-C11 comply EMC category C3 according to IEC/EN61800-3? If so, what motor cable length? Is dv/dt filter needed?

Published date: 25 September 2019

ATV630...N4 drives with integrated EMC filter meet C3 category with certain cable lengths and it varies with the drive size. For example ATV630U07N5...D45N4 allows max 150m shielded cable to comply C3, page 2/39 in ATV600 catalog 2018-11
But using additional EMC filter, the C3 category with up to 300m of shielded motor cable can be achieved. Page 2/40 in catalog.

To meet EMC category, only following factors play role:
- drive type and size
- voltage
- shielded motor cable length
- additional EMC filter, if used

Nevertheless, long motor cable brings another drawback. It is not related to EMC, but to reliable operation:
- Higher leakage current and consequently overloading ATV output IGBTS
- Possible overvoltage peaks on the motor terminals and motor wearing
- Voltage drop and worsen torque-speed performance
To reduce all these effects, ATV ouput filter is strongly recommended. Criteria of motor cable length when output filter is not /is needed varies across the ATV size and voltage. In general, start thinking about using output filter when motor cable length exceeds 50m. For 300m shielded cable at least dv/dt filter has to be used. Catalog specifies that 300m is the limit for ATV630...N4 + dv/dt filer. Sinus filter would be even better solution, but bear in mind that some drives needs derating if they are combined with sinus filter.

We have a customer who has to comply with EMC category C3 according to IEC/EN61800-3 with up to 300m of shielded motor cable for the ATV630…N4 product range (power ratings from U07 up to C11).

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