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Osisense XS - XS1N08NA349L1 or XS1N08NA349L2 inductive sensor cross-reference

Published date: 27 September 2019

Obsolete XS1N08NA349L1 cross-reference or replacement : XS108B3NAL5 inductive sensor
XS1N08NA349L2 cross-reference or replacement : XS108B3NAM8 inductive sensor + XZCP0166L10 pre-wired connector M8 3-pin PUR cable 10m cable length
Obsolete XS1N08NA349D cross-reference or replacement : XS108B3NAM8 inductive sensor
Note that
XS1N08NA349 is still available in 2019 (cable 2m length), can be replaced by XS108B3NAL2 inductive sensor

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