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PME 8.x, 9.0 - Installer can't pass "Checking for running application - Vista is running"

Published date: 02 October 2019

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x, 9.0

Installer - CU installers

When installing PME or applying any Cumulative Updates (or inplace upgrades) the installer will stop at "Check for Running Applications" even though all the application are not running.

 Any checks for running PME applications during CU intsall and PME upgrade uses "fuzzy" nake check for the program names. The installer broker fragment will search for "vista" only and if there is any third part application with "vista" in the process name it is likely to have this issue. 
This can also happen if any other third party process includes any PME app/process in its name.

Check in the process tab within Task Manager for process that may have "vista" in its name (or any other PME application, such as "designer", "managementconsole", "diagviewer", "repgen", "upg_firm") and stop that process till you sucessfully complete the installation. 

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