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Converting Concept READ_REG to Control Expert READ_VAR

Published date: 24 October 2019

Converting a project from Concept to Control expert and need to understand the pins.

Product line
Unity Pro, Control Expert

**Tip, you do not need the Concept help for READ_REG. The READ_REG is supported in Unity Quantum and you can use 'Help on Type' from the block.**

REQ is the trigger for the block. On the READ_VAR, if you enable EN/ENO, this would be the EN pin.
SLAVEREG is the starting register address of the device that you are reading. On the READ_VAR this is the NUM.
NO_REG is the amount or registers. On the READ_VAR this is NB.
ADDRFLD is the port used to send the message and also the slave device IP address. On the READ_VAR it is the ADR pin which gets tied to an ADDM block.

NDR is the success bit. On the READ_VAR it is the least significant bit of the first GEST word. (GEST[0].0)
ERROR is the indication of a bad read. READ_VAR does not have an error bit, you can create one using GEST[1] <> 0. (Second GEST word not equal to 0).
STATUS is the error code. On the READ_VAR it is the second word of the GEST. (GEST[1]).
REG_READ is the data that is returned from the read. In the READ_VAR it is the RECP. 

**Define a value other than 0 for the third word of the GEST. This is the timeout field and if the value is left at 0 and the slave device goes down, the block will lock up indefinitely.**

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