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For a BMXNOM0200 : Where to find the meaning for the status words using a READ_STS_MX

Published date: 29 October 2019

 The READ_STS_MX function block is used to read the status words of an (e)X80 local rack or Ethernet RIO module, by performing an explicit exchange with the CPU memory.
These status words contain data on the operating mode of the module and may be used to perform program-based diagnostics.

When the READ_STS_MX function block is used to access the BMXNOM0200 module’s status word 22 words are displayed
The meaning to the status words can be find on the IODTT_COM_MB_MBX doing a link with information

The first word read is corresponding to the CH_FLT status word (%MWr.m.c.2):

The second word read is corresponding to the PROTOCOL Channel status word (%MWr.m.c.3):

From the third word to the twenty second word read the explicit exchange object (%MWr.m.c.4 to 22)
Note that from fourth word to twenty first word value reported are not documented.


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