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Priority sector decarbonization

Maintaining energy security and resilience with less emissions

How can energy resilience be prioritized while reducing carbon emissions? What other difficult decisions must government agencies and large companies make to ensure a just energy transition? And what are the biggest hurdles standing in the way of decarbonization and digitalization?

Energy efficiency: Time to act 

Climate change and the energy crisis are reaching critical levels. It is crucial to consider both the energy supply and demand to accelerate the journey to net-zero.

Less is more: Time to wake up to the power of energy efficiency

We have all the ingredients. What we don’t have is time: we simply can’t let another two decades, or even just two years, go by before we deploy the power of electrification and digital energy-efficiency technologies to the fullest.

Europe’s energy crisis is slowly killing European industries

Continued short-termism in addressing Europe’s energy crisis by many government and business leaders is threatening livelihoods and lives.

Decarbonization through process electrification and digitalization

The transformation to 'green glass' is enabled by electrification and digitalization

Rethinking buildings is a climate imperative

If we are to avert climate change, rethinking how we design and use our buildings is imperative. Here’s what to focus on.

Building efficiency is the key to a decarbonized world

Build a more sustainable digital future, whether your building is old, new, or still a vision

Top predictions for smart building technology

What tech will it take to make buildings of the future?

Building net-zero cities: Davos agenda 2021

Cities account for 75% of global CO₂ emissions. It's also where we can make our biggest impact

Decarbonizing cities takes an integrated approach

How can we create buildings, mobility, and infrastructure that work in harmony?

Multi-tenant datacenters and sustainability

Discover how trailblazing data centers are leading the way by embracing green initiatives