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Electricity 4.0: Our fastest route to net-zero (infographic)

We are the first generation to truly know about climate change and be able to combat it. The good news is that current technologies already exist to deliver the net zero challenge that we all face.

How we reach zero-carbon energy independence

How organizations of all kinds can follow the science-based pathway to reach zero-carbon energy independence.

Why energy efficiency is the unsung hero of the fight against climate change

Double glazing and optimized air-con systems aren’t as sexy as 100-metre wind turbines and EVs – but the impact of energy efficiency could be immense.

Making mission possible: Delivering a net-zero economy

A net-zero global economy is possible by 2050. Clean electrification will be vital.

Making clean electrification possible

We have 30 years to electrify the global economy - discover under what conditions this is possible.

Making the hydrogen economy possible: Accelerating clean hydrogen in an electrified economy

Learn how private-sector collaboration and policy support can ramp up clean hydrogen production

Better energy, greater prosperity

We need to decarbonize while ensuring energy access for all. Clean electrification holds the key to achieve this. But how?

Any city can be a net zero city – this is how to start

The only way we can address climate change before it’s too late is to accelerate the transition of net zero cities

Electricity 4.0: Powering the new electric world

What does a new electric world look like? See Electricity 4.0 for yourself

Renewable energy: Common myths debunked

These perceived obstacles for the mass adoption of clean, renewable energy technologies are quickly becoming outdated

The path to a greener future begins in our cities

Data doesn’t lie - and what it tells us is that cities consume 78% of the world’s primary energy and generate more than 60% of all carbon emissions, with the biggest contributors being buildings

Building efficiency is the key to a decarbonized world

Build a more sustainable digital future, whether your building is old, new, or still a vision

Net zero carbon cities: An integrated approach

To keep global temperature increases to 1.5°C or below, systemic efficiency is needed.

Why we’re closer to mainstreaming EVs than you think

If you still think that electric vehicle (EV) adoption is a distant possibility, think again. The day when consumers – or corporate fleet managers– buy electric cars is only a few years away.

Building net-zero cities: Davos agenda 2021

Cities account for 75% of global CO₂ emissions. It's also where we can make our biggest impact

Multi-tenant datacenters and sustainability

Discover how trailblazing data centers are leading the way by embracing green initiatives