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Bridging digital and environmental goals: A framework for business action

With the pandemic exposing looming climate risks

Bridging digital and environmental goals: A framework for business action

While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted our lives, it has also accelerated the digital transformation of organizations in every sector of the global economy.

And it has alerted us to looming climate risks, highlighting the need to prepare for future disruption through resilient business operations backed by reliable data and digital technology.

These climate risks have also created an imperative for companies to pave the way towards a sustainable economy, bolstered by evidence that sustainable practices can boost business resiliency and profitability.

This report, produced by the World Economic Forum, offers practical recommendations for executives, framed around 10 pillars, on linking companies’ digital and environmental goals to create value for the planet and profit.

It contains valuable insights from Peter Weckesser, Schneider Electric’s Chief Digital Officer, and Carlos Javaroni, the company’s Vice-President for Business Development Digital Solutions, on Schneider Electric’s digital transformation investments. And it details how the company has seized the moment to deepen the integration of environmentally sustainable practices with digital strategies across its business and value chain.

Click here to see the full report.

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