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Our resilient and sustainable future: A call for industrial eco-efficiency

Industry, it’s time to change our ways

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As modern industrialists, we face mounting pressure from governments, society, and investors to demonstrate sustainability practices. Today’s buyers demand eco-efficient brands, green products, responsibly sourced materials, and sustainability-focused solutions and services. You only need to look around to realize the sustainability challenge is real. And the time for action is now.

Achieving sustainable operations is one of the most important challenges manufacturing and process industries have ever faced. Traditionally, industrial operators have been blamed for climate change, resource scarcity, and harm to the environment and the society around them.

Today, industry contributes 32% of the world’s CO2 emissions and more than 73% of greenhouse gasses come from energy. The water sector alone consumes 7% of the world’s energy and generates 3-10% of the total greenhouse gases. Energy intensive industries especially can no longer be indifferent when it comes to embracing global sustainability efforts, nor can they afford the operational cost of energy waste. At the same time, many of the most energy intensive industries produce the essential building blocks for society and key components of our modern world. That means that industry is poised to have the greatest impact on solving sustainability problems.

And we already have what it takes. Find out more in the full report.