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Cracking the Energy Efficiency Case in Buildings

Discover the way to decarbonize faster and to embrace modern solutions to crack modern issues.

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The current building stock accounts for approximately 30% of global CO2 emissions which will only increase as building stock will nearly double by 2050. While it is widely acknowledged that energy efficiency is a key driver of decarbonization, we have seen that the building decarbonization efforts have fallen short at a global level due to a number of issues including a lack of data and monitoring amongst others.

Currently, two trends are in circulation that suggest the penetration of digital solutions is inevitable. Given this, the question we should really be asking is: how can we create the right framework to accelerate the implementation of digital solutions in buildings? Through a detailed modelling analysis, we find that digital technologies are key to the rapid decarbonization of buildings, and could bring significant benefits, often underestimated by conventional research.