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Unlocking A Sustainable Future: Why Digital Solutions Are the Key to Sustainable Business Transformation

Humanity is headed for a crisis point in the fight to preserve the climate. The actions taken over the next decade could determine the severity of climate change for a century. As a result, many businesses have joined governments in pledging to act now to reduce emissions and slow global warming. Integrating sustainability with profitability is not just the right thing to do; it has become a business imperative as lawmakers, investors, employees, and customers demand that companies show meaningful progress on low-carbon promises.

Today, organizations are turning to innovative approaches that produce green results. With this in mind, Unlocking a sustainable future: Why digital solutions are the key to sustainable transformation explores how companies and organizations are leveraging digital technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions, transition to renewable energy, and construct more transparent supply chains. Hear accounts from businesses in real estate, computing, hotels, engineering, power distribution, and data centers that are blending human and machine intelligence to deliver digital efficiency.

This report features real-world case studies from leading organizations, including Equinix, IBM, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Jacobs, Oxford University, Singapore Management University, Swire Properties, and Tata Power.

Digital efficiency produced by current technology offers a roadmap for the sustainable business transformations needed to arrive at a net-zero future. Find out more in the full report.