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EcoStruxure Plant Builder V5.0 - Dependability Analysis | Schneider Electric

This video aims to introduce the Dependability analysis, the new feature implemented in EcoStruxure Plant Builder v5.0. ►Learn More: Increasingly, process applications require high availability automation systems and fault tolerant systems. A Fault Tolerant System is a system that can operate even after a failure in one of the system components. It is often based on redundancy principles. Dependability is defined as the ability to meet these criteria, under given conditions of use and maintenance. The objective is to offer the capability to assess the level of availability, reliability, and maintainability of an architecture through a simulation of the system. The Dependability module implemented in the Builder helps assessing these indicators for the sales forces during the pre-sales phase. With a Monte Carlo simulation, the tool provides for each part of the architecture the following performances: - the Availability and its Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) - the Downtime predicted over the architecture lifetime and yearly - The number of failures predicted over the architecture lifetime - The failure proportion for each component in the architecture Following the results provided by the tool, it is possible to easily adapt the architecture to comply to the level of dependability expected by the end user. ►Click here to subscribe to Schneider Electric: Connect with Schneider Electric: ►Global Website: ►Discover our Services: ►Visit our Blog: ►Job Opportunities: ►LinkedIn: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: