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NS Feeder Pillar | Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s NS Feeder Pillar incorporates advanced technology, which provides ease of use, is cost effective and most importantly, is safe. ►Learn More: Its compact modular design provides flexibility. The facility to add modules and accessories makes the NS Feeder Pillar customisable to any application, whilst also offering easy adaptation to meet the changing demands of the distribution system. At the heart of the NS feeder pillar is one of the most technically advanced circuit breakers available today, the Schneider Electric Compact NSX. The unique cassette design of the Compact NSX MCCB allows easy access to the 4-pole busbar system by removing individual shrouds, allowing feeder pillars to be easily upgraded to by adding new circuits, with minor disruption and shut down time. The circuit breaker can then be positioned anywhere along the outgoing busbar and secured to the back plate. When the correct torque is achieved, the shear head bolt breaks off leaving a second insulated bolt head for later removal or repositioning. ►Click here to subscribe to Schneider Electric: Connect with Schneider Electric: ►Global Website: ►Discover our Services: ►Visit our Blog: ►Job Opportunities: ►LinkedIn: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: