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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      The EcoXpert™ program is a deep, multifaceted program that offers a wealth of opportunity to partners and customers alike.

      Below is a list of frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact us by email.

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What is the EcoXpert program?

The EcoXpert Partner Program is a worldwide network of Schneider Electric trained and certified partner companies who offer local expertise and support to resolve the challenges of our shared customers. An extension of Schneider Electric, EcoXperts are competent in the fields of building control, power management and energy management. With a proven track record of delivering best-in-class services and solutions, EcoXperts are committed to delivering intelligent and sustainable solutions that add value and longevity to the success of our shared customers.

Is an EcoXpert a company or an individual?

An EcoXpert is a Schneider Electric certified company whose individual staff members are trained and accredited by Schneider Electric on our EcoStruxure™ systems, solutions and technology.

How many EcoXpert partner companies are there?

Today, there are nearly 3,500 EcoXpert partner companies worldwide, spanning more than 50 countries.

What does the EcoXpert badge represent?

The EcoXpert badge represents Schneider Electric’s certification for expert competency, customer commitment and brand loyalty from a trained and certified partner.

How many certified badges are offered through the EcoXpert program?

There are 9 EcoXpert badge certifications:
1.Building Management Systems
2.Critical Power
3.Light & Room Control
5.Connected Power
6.Substation Automation
7.Home & Small Business
8.Fire Safety (currently available in Finland only)
9.Access Control (currently available in the USA only)

How many levels of certification are there per badge?

There are two levels of certification for each badge:
1.Certified EcoXpert
2.Master EcoXpert

How many specialization tracks are offered through the EcoXpert program?

Today, there are 4 specialization tracks:
2.Data Centers

Today, there is only one level of specialization for each track. There is not a master level.
Note: Specializations are not certified badges. You cannot receive a specialization until you become a trained and certified EcoXpert in at least one of the five competency fields of expertise (badges).

What differentiates the EcoXpert Partner Program from other channel programs?

The EcoXpert Partner Program offers unique opportunities and benefits such as segment specializations and training, expertise accreditation in critical power management, a dynamic professional skills training path, extended warranties, partner-relationship management systems, co-branding marketing initiatives, and access to Schneider Electric’s extensive solution portfolio. Differentiators vary depending on the country. Please contact your local Schneider Electric representative for more information.

What is required for me to become an EcoXpert and/or to earn a segment specialization?

Once engaged by Schneider Electric in the certification process, a partner company must meet specific business requirements and complete the associated training curriculum to be certified as an EcoXpert. Once a competency badge is earned, the EcoXpert may pursue one or more of the segment specialization. These requirements vary by country. Contact your local Schneider Electric representative for specific details.

Can an EcoXpert earn more than 1 badge for a field of expertise?


Can an EcoXpert earn more than 1 specialization?


How does the EcoXpert Partner Program benefit partner companies?

By becoming an EcoXpert, you gain the strength behind our global brand, our expertise in building control, reliable infrastructures and energy management, and exclusive benefits that include competency development training courses, favorable rewards, coaching on cutting-edge technology and solutions, a partnership that supports your business at every angle, and so much more. A snapshot of these benefits include:

• Recognition as one of the industry’s most respected experts in your field
• Increased business opportunities and profitability growth
• Improve hit rate through collaboration with the EcoXpert network to leverage competencies and optimize solutions
• Maximized margin and competitive edge with tested, validated and documented technologies and solutions
• Differentiation with co-branding and co-marketing initiatives to boost brand awareness
• Access to Schneider Electric’s industry-leading EcoStructure technology and offer portfolio
• Coaching and continuous training to increase the skill set of your team
• Enhance employee talent through a comprehensive training and certification process
• Minimized engineering and commissioning times, optimizing integration of 3rd party systems
• An exclusive rewards program that supports your business at every turn

How does the EcoXpert Partner Program benefit end customers?

The EcoXpert program offers direct benefits to customers by providing them the highest skill levels for their projects, collaborative problem solving and innovative and leading-edge technology solutions to address their unique needs. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts, enabling our EcoXperts to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations and build sustainable success. 

• Best-in-class technologies and solutions. Leverage Schneider Electric's industry-leading EcoStruxure technology portfolio through a high-skilled network of system integrators, panel builders and other technology providers.
• Certified network of experts. EcoXperts maintain professional competency through a continual training and certification process by Schneider Electric's own experts, giving you complete confidence in the partner you choose.
• A global footprint. With nearly 3,000 EcoXperts spanning more than 40 countries, you have local support no matter where you have operations.
• Connected expertise. EcoXperts collaborate to deploy all-in-one-solutions and services across various applications and technologies.
• Reduce risk and cost. Expert installation delivered on time and on budget, enabling reduced maintenance costs and improved productivity.
• Long-term partnership. EcoXperts are partners who care, committed to the longevity of your satisfaction and success.
• Choose with confidence. Gain peace of mind through the full backing of a global leader in energy management and automation.

What is expected of an EcoXpert?

EcoXpert companies are expected to maintain a high level of expertise and related knowledge of Schneider Electric offerings, maintain the business requirements outlined in the contract, be loyal brand advocates of Schneider Electric, embrace co-branding and collaborative marketing initiatives to reinforce the value of the partnership and exhibit a willingness to develop business together.

Who can participate in the EcoXpert program?

Schneider Electric existing partners, as well as system integrators, panel builders, electricians and other technology providers who are interested in becoming a Schneider Electric partner, can apply to participate in the program.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary in each country. Contact your local Schneider Electric representative for specific details.

Where can I find an EcoXpert near me?

Check out the EcoXpert global partner locator here.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, please send us an email or contact your local Schneider Electric representative.
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