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Fusegear for 32 to 1250 A distribution lines

Part of Pact Series

FuPact INF : Switch-disconnector fuses, 32 to 800 A
FuPact ISFT : horizontal fusegear, 100 to 630 A
FuPact ISFL : vertical fusegear, 160 to 1250 A
FuPact range includes electronic monitoring options, for faster short-circuit and overload fixing

  • Features

    FuPact INF/ISFL/ISFT is a flexible, comprehensive range of single & double breaking fuse devices. The range includes a common electronic monitoring solution with intelligent features that enable automatic detection and fast correction of short-circuit and overload faults.

    Compliance with standards:

    • International: IEC 60947 – 1 and 3
    • Regional: CCC certificates , EAC certificates


    FuPact INF

    • Double breaking offer for high-level safety & performance
    • 32 to 800 A
    • Fast opening and closing (occurs independently of operator’s action)
    • Compatible with fuse-links BS, NFC and DIN fuses

    FuPact ISFT & ISFL

    • Single breaking offer
    • Multiple frame sizes & installation types
    • Connection by cable or hooks on busbar
    • ISFT horizontal – 100 to 630 A
      - 100N (100A) has 53mm width (smallest on market)
      - Turnable hooks to enable downstream or upstream distribution
    • ISFL vertical – 160 to 1250 A 
      - Compact, modular design
      - Adaptable to all busbars (60/100/185mm) & measuring devices
      - Turnable hooks to enable downstream or upstream distribution


    Fully compatible and designed for safety, the FuPact range provides the essentials of electrical protection while delivering advanced features that: 

    • Improve performance
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase flexibility


    • Eliminates need for striker fuses
    • Precisely locates short-circuit & overload faults
    • Automatically resets after blown fuse replacement


    • Easy to install, use and maintain
    • Multiple mounting & cable connector options


    FuPact can be used for various commercial and industrial applications, such as:

    Power distribution 

    • Switchboards of small & medium buildings
    • Disconnection, isolation, locking & primary control of incoming circuits
    • Categories AC21/AC22
    • Public distribution (power utilities) (FuPact ISFL)

    Motor control & power

    • Motor starters: DOL, Star-Delta, softstarters
    • Variable speed starters with frequency converters
    • AC23 for motor feeders
    • Machine types: HVAC units, industrial cranes, hoists


    • Fupact INF

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