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ANSI socket meters for utility network monitoring

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Energy and power quality meter for utility networks or service entrances

  • Features

    The PowerLogic ION8600 meter is available in three different models:

    • ION8600C: power and energy metering, event and min/max logging, 32-channel historical logging, dip/swell monitoring, harmonics (to 31st) and symmetrical component measurement, setpoints, digital and analogue I/O, and Internet-enabled multi-port communications.
    • ION8600B: adds expanded 320-channel historical logging, harmonics to 63rd, Modbus master capability.
    • ION8600A: adds expanded 800-channel historical logging, harmonics to 127th, waveform capture, fast transient detection, and power quality compliance monitoring.

    Characteristics (some features are optional):

    • ANSI socket or switchboard mount, customisable LCD display
    • 3-phase, 4-quadrant metering, class 0.2 accuracy (IEC, ANSI)
    • Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, demand, energy, and time-of-use metering
    • Instrument transformer correction, transformer/line loss compensation
    • Power quality compliance monitoring (IEEE 519/1159, EN50160, IEC 61000-4-7/4-15)
    • 256 samples/cycle waveform capture, transient capture (78/65 μs @ 50/60 Hz), dip/swell monitoring, harmonics measurement (up to 63rd), symmetrical components, percent uptime ("number of nines")
    • Sequence-of-events, coincident minimum/maximum, historical trends, and high-speed snapshot recording, 1 ms resolution timestamping, GPS time synchronisation
    • 4 analogue outputs, 11 digital status/counter inputs, 12 digital control/pulse outputs
    • 25 setpoints for alarms and control, 1/2 cycle response, multi-condition, call out on alarm
    • 5 communication ports: Ethernet, modem, RS-232/485, RS-485, front panel optical
    • Protocols: Modbus RTU slave/master, Modbus TCPslave/master, DNP 3.0, MV-90
    • Ethernet and modem gateways to 31 devices on RS-485 port
    • On-board web server, email for alarms and data logs 


    Make sure you don't miss a thing

    The PowerLogic ION8600 helps you:

    • meet new transmission-level metering requirements
    • reduce operating costs
    • improve quality and continuity of service
      for optimal management of your electrical network with greater simplicity.


    • Transmission and distribution metering
    • Power quality compliance monitoring
    • Problem notification and diagnosis
    • Analysis of efficiency, losses and capacity
    • Generator and substation monitoring and control
    • Demand-side management and customer service 

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