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ARGUS - Presence sensors

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ARGUS - Presence sensors
  • Features

    Leveraging state-of-the-art infrared, ultrasonic, high-frequency or dual-technology capabilities, ARGUS ultra-sensitive presence sensors offer you the ultimate in reliable, efficient and cost-effective indoor lighting control.

    The complete range includes the following references:
    • CCT551011: ARGUS presence Dual-tech, 1 channel
    • CCT551012: ARGUS presence Dual-tech, 2 channels
    • CCT551023: ARGUS presence HF, 2 channels
    • CCT552006: ARGUS presence DALI 230V, 2 zones, master
    • CCT555006: ARGUS presence DALI 230V, 2 zones, slave
    • CCT551003: ARGUS presence wide sense, 2 channels
    • MTN5510-1119: ARGUS presence master, 1 channel
    • MTN5510-1219: ARGUS presence master, 2 channels
    • MTN5510-1119: ARGUS presence master, 1 channel
    • MTN5510-1419: ARGUS presence master, 1-10V
    • MTN5510-1519: ARGUS presence master, DALI, 230V
    • MTN5570-1019: ARGUS presence slave
    • Side Controller: MTN5129-0319
    • IR Remote control: MTN880991, CCT556011, CCT556023, CCT556006, SAE-UE-MS-IR-WE
    • PL Expander: CCTDT5130
    • Surface-mounted housing: MTN550619


    • Suitable for different lighting loads (LED, incandescent lamp, AC halogene lamp, LV halogene lamp, fluorescent lamp)
    • Combination of infrared and ultrasonic detection technologies
    • High-frequency detection for high bay applications
    • Simple programming by infrared remote controller
    • Dual loading
    • Measurable energy savings

    With the installation of presence detectors, the energy efficiency class B of the ENPD (Energy Performance for Buildings Directive) can be reached. This class certifies high energy savings of buildings, from which inhabitants as well as operators or building owners benefit.


    Constant light control of open space rooms: Improve the comfort of occupants and save energy by achieving a constant lighting level in the office. By the DALI or 1-10 V detectors it is possible to increase or decrease the lighting level in proportion to the natural brightness saves energy and is thus cost-efficient. A high level of convenience and efficiency is thus provided for large spaces like open space office rooms, entrance/sport halls, classrooms or cafeterias.

    Light and ventilation control in office rooms: Improve the comfort in the workplaces and save energy by controlling light and heating in the office depending on whether a room or area is being used. Combined light and ventilation control means double efficiency and thus optimizes the energy costs considerably. This solution also provides a high level of efficiency for facilities like rest rooms or sport halls.

    Light control of corridors with master and slave connection: Optimizing the time of lighting in the corridor to save energy by creation a master and slave detector line. Units are connected via a single core 230V cable. Depending on the external brightness, the light will be switched on or off automatically, so the corridors will always be sufficiently lit when people move around. This flexible and quick way of installation is especially easy to apply in commercial/public buildings like offices or hospitals.


    • Ceiling mounted Argus presence detector
    • ARGUS presence Dual-tech
    • Argus presence detector polar white
    • Automatic light control in public buildings
    • Automatic light control in an open plan office
    • ARGUS presence DALI 230V
    • ARGUS presence HF
    • Light switches off automatically
    • Automatic light control in meeting rooms

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